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Rising electricity and energy costs are currently a huge topic, not only in the commercial sector, and of course a big problem for the vast majority of production companies in Germany and Europe. The electricity price and its individual components have become extremely expensive over the past 20 years, sometimes with strong fluctuations. This is a significant cost factor for companies with high energy requirements, which in turn cannot always be passed on to customers in the prices. vs. compared to the international competition, this is sometimes a clear competitive disadvantage.

In order to sustainably reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions, a total of approx. 355 KWp system output (as of February 2022) has been installed over the last 8 years. The entire area of ​​the hall roof of the production plant was covered with solar modules. The electricity produced in this way is largely (approx. 80%) self-consumed. The rest is fed into the regional power grid as green electricity.

The solar modules produce a total of around 350,000 kWh of clean electricity per year. This corresponds to approx. 3/4 of our annual electricity requirements. This saves about 134 tons of CO2 annually! Due to the high proportion of self-consumed electricity, the system was and is a very good investment in and for the future!

The solar systems installed to date (approx. 255 kWp by 2021) have been able to produce approx. 800 MWh of electricity since 2014. This corresponds to a CO2 saving of approx. 345 tCO2 or the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 199 four-person households!

With these investments, we are well positioned for the future, even if electricity costs continue to rise. We have also done our homework with regard to setting up an efficient electrical infrastructure (charging stations for alternative drives).

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