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Dowel holders (Narrow version for providing support on both sides in expansion joints and one-sided support in shuttered temporary joints)

Project Description

Dowel holders as welded and canted support cages made of wire rod S 235 JR (Ø 5 mm) are use to ensure dowels in a transverse joint keep their required position during construction.

The following details are needed for costing and production:

  • Joint type (contraction or expansion joint)
  • Pavement thickness (height of the concrete)
  • Dowel spacing
  • Holder length; whereby the maximum production length is 4.0 m;
    2 – Piece dowel holders are made for larger working widths.

Example of support on both sides in expansion joint (expansion joint filler of drilled softwood board).

Expansion compensating sleeves (inside Ø 26 mm and 80 mm long) made of plastic which ensure an expansion space of approx. 15 – 20 mm are pushed onto alternating sides.

Bituminised wood fibre soft board (soft fibre panels) can be supplied as expansion joint filler between the two dowel holders.

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