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Project Description

Dowels made of smooth round steel S 235 JR (DIN EN 10025, DIN EN 10060, DIN EN 13877-3); diameter Ø 25 mm (diameter tolerance +/- 0.5 mm) + PE-coating, length 500 mm (length tolerance +/- 5 mm), minimum tensile strength 250 MPa, both sides free of burrs, sawn without cross-sectional changes, whole length including one end face with PE plastic coating (resistant to alkalis), coat thickness at least 0.3 mm, one end face coated with rust proofing agent.

Our range of products standardly includes plastic coated dowels from Ø 16 mm to Ø 40 mm in lengths from 400 mm to 600 mm. Other dimensions are available on request.

The dowels conform to TL Beton-StB 07 and to EN 13877-3 and are quality monitored by Technical University of Munich, Institute of Road, Railway and Airfield Construction

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